1. Harassment, abuse, or bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances.

2. Please avoid using words that could be offensive to other users, i.e slurs.

3. Do not swear on threads/votes, articles, comments, blogs and userpages/profile pictures*. This includes censored swearing/abbreviations as well.

4. No homophobia or transphobia, please.

5. Be sure to keep your profile picture user friendly/appropriate.

6. Do not insult other users.

7. Be respectful to everyone, regardless of if they are a righted user or non-righted user alike. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.

8. Trolling is the act of provoking another user and getting an angered reaction from them. This falls under the general category of bullying and is not allowed


•Double Grouping•

Double grouping will NOT be tolerated whatsoever. In the application of each member, they make a loyalty promise, showing that you are going to remain true to FOTED, so double grouping would be breaking these terms. Once you are found to be a possible canadidate for double grouping, you will be comfronted IMMEDIATELY, and if you do not have a logical explaination you will be exiled.

Another thing to note, we will not take the excuse "My brother/sister shares my account" for double grouping, even if it is true. We're sorry, but we aren't going to take any chances at all. So if you do share an account, you should probably consider joining another pack as we will be excessively suspicious.


Every member of FOTED is expected to always give their full respect to the others in their pack. No matter the rank, every single person in this group deserves respect. But your utmost respect should be given to the Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat, for they are the three most important ranks. You are to listen to their commands.


During roleplay, you are to stay serious. Do not use emojis such as ":P","O3O",":(", etc. It's improper and distracting especially during roleplay. If you are to do this, you will be given two verbal warnings before getting a real punishment. Also, please try to be realistic. If you are going to a climb a tree, explain your whole process and make it as real and detailed as possible.


There are a few rules for rejoining. If you have simply quit,you are given one more chance. You may rejoin just by remaking a form, but if you quit again after that you will not be let back in. If you have been exiled, you are not welcome back whatsoever, so do not even try to make a form. Any other situations will be decided by the leader.


You need to be active. Please, come on and roleplay with us at least once a week. If you know you are not going to be able to make it online for a certain amount of time, please contact the leader and notify them in the comments. If you do not make any contact or come online in three weeks, we will be forced to think that you are an inactive person and should be removed from our wiki.

•OC Rules•

You are allowed three OCs. No more than three, do not even try and beg for more. Out of all three of your OCs, at least one MUST be a warrior. The other two may be whatever you please. Also, please don't make your OCs flawless/perfect or completely helpless. Every OC has flaws and strengths. Another thing, don't absuse the fact that you can have three OCs. If you have one OC that is a high rank, don't make another one have a high rank too. Everyone deserves to have a chance to try and get a rank that is high. 

•Being Mature•

During roleplay, PLEASE be mature. I can't stress enough how much it annoys some people when you act immature and idiotic. If a cat is giving birth, don't say "ewww" and "gross omg awkward!" because it's part of life. Either be mature about the things that will happen during roleplay, or don't be in the group at all.


We are a traditional group, therefore we will be using the wolf avatar for ALL RANKS. Do not even ask to use a fox or bunny or anything else for your avatar, because you will be told no. If you use the wrong avatar unknowingly, you will be given a small verbal warning/reminder. But if you continue to use the avatar after knowing and being told, you will be punished.

•Roleplay Time VS Real Time•

In the books, it takes about six moons (equal to six months) for a kitten to become an apprentice. Obviously, this is a very long amount of time in reality. So because of this, FOTED has shortened this time to about one week in real time. But, if you wish to remain a kitten longer, you may have a week and a half to become an apprentice. All kits WILL be apprenticed, no matter what.

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